4C - Recreating the Digestive System!

Date: 30th Nov 2016 @ 2:24pm

In our Science lessons this week, we have been recreating the digestive system! Using household objects to represent different body parts, we 'digested' a banana sandwich. 

Can you child explain to you why we did each of these steps?

1. First, we squirted water over the sandwich and used the knife and fork to cut it into bite sized pieces.

2. Next, we put it in a ziplock bag and added some vinegar.

3. After that, we sealed the bag and squished and squeezed.

4. Then, we poured the contents into a pair of tights and squeezed the water out. 

5. Finally, we cut a hole in the tights and let the solid material drop into a cup. 


We had great fun doing this messy science lesson!

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Amy wrote:

I think even though it was gross (it was pretty horrible to me!) we learned a lot

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