4C Improve Heaton Park!

Date: 3rd May 2017 @ 3:49pm

On Wednesday 3rd May, 4C had a trip to Heaton Park for our Map Skills topic. We focused on three areas of the park: the boating lake, Heaton Hall and the woodland. We decided that there were lots of ways that we could improve these parts of the park, and we made lots of notes of our suggestions!

Once we had discussed the changes and completed our worksheet, we went to the playpark. Everyone had a fantastic time playing on the enormous slide and spinning around on the swings. 

We had a great afternoon, but a lot of us were very tired by the time we came back to school!

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Amy wrote:

That was EPIC! A massive thank you to all the adults for planning this trip for all of the children in 4C and 4L:D

Miss Rook wrote:

You're welcome, Amy! The adults had a fantastic- and exhausting- time as well!

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izzah wrote:

It was a fun trip and thanks to all of the teachers for letting us go thank you everyone . 😜😜😜😜😜😛

Miss Rook wrote:

I'm so glad you enjoyed it, Izzah. It was a lovely day!

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zoltan wrote:

yes thank you to all teachers that let us go on this trip i really enjoyed going to heaton park :)

Miss Rook wrote:

I'm glad you had fun, Zoltan!

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Laebah wrote:

Hi miss I'm in Pakistan I will be here on Thursday so it would of been fun and tell every one I said hi

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Maryam wrote:

I loved Heaton Park

zoltan wrote:

yes, Maryam I agree with you, I really enjoyed going to Heaton park.

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