4C Hold a General Election!

Date: 8th Jun 2017 @ 3:56pm

Today in 4C, we learned all about a very special day- Election Day! First, we learned a bit about what an election is, who the main parties are, and what you do when you go to vote. We learned about why it is important to have a secret ballot, and how everyone in a democracy should be able to vote for whoever they want. 

Next, we did a Guided Reading session based on the manifesto of each party. We looked at the main 5: Labour, Conservative, Liberal Democrats, UKIP and the Green Party. There were some policies in each that we liked, and some that we really didn't. 4C were shocked to hear that one of the parties wants to have a vote on whether fox hunting should be legal!

After that, we compared the parties and their opinions on different issues: education, immigration, benefits, the NHS and other important points. We discussed that each party had some points we liked and some we didn't, and how people might decide if the good outweighed the bad. 

Our final activity was an election of our own. Everyone voted on their ballot paper and put it in Miss Rook's special box. We made sure not to put our names on it, to preserve the secrecy of the ballot. Miss Rook counted the votes and we made a tally chart on the board. Our winners were the Green party, particularly because they want to abolish SATS tests!

Some children wanted to share their opinions and who they voted for, despite it being a secret ballot! Watch the videos and look at the pictures to see our election day celebrations. 

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