5AT's trip to the River Irk

Date: 3rd Dec 2015 @ 11:06pm

Class 5AT visited the RIver Irk today to learn about the physical features of rivers; how humans use rivers; the invertebrates that live in rivers; and the historical use of the river Irk.  I was really impressed with the children's enthusiasm and their knowledge about river vocabulary such as tributary, source and meander.  Here are some photographs from the day.

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Kayleigh - 5AT wrote:

I enjoyed the trip , what else can we learn about rivers in class ?Please tell me tomorow . P.S our topic is GREAT ...

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Mr Tait wrote:

I'm glad you enjoyed this topic. We are doing another exciting topic to do with Geography for the next half term!

Mr Tait

MALAIKA wrote:

Can't wait !

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MALAIKA wrote:


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