Anglo Saxon learning at Tatton Park

Date: 14th Jan 2017 @ 2:28pm

Hello everyone,

On Friday, children from Year 4 visited Tatton Park to learn about Anglo Saxon life.  Activities during the day included:

1) Learning how Anglo Saxons and Vikings used to fight and the weapons they used;

2) Making flour using traditional techniques such threshing and grinding the wheat kernel with stone;

3) Learning how Anglo Saxons traded goods in exchange for other goods which would involve trading items that they made themselves;

4) Discussing how Anglo Saxons used animal products to make a variety of useful items such as blankets, daggers and spears.

Even though it was a very cold day, our children did fantastically well and learnt a lot about Anglo Saxon life.  Please have a look at the photos from the trip.


Mr Tait / Miss Rook


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hamzah wrote:

it was a nice trip

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Mr Tait wrote:

I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Mr Tait

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Maryam wrote:

I loved this trip but it would have been better if it was summer

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Abdullah wrote:

it was so cool

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