Do plants grow better in sand or compost? Why?🌺

Date: 19th Jun 2015 @ 7:24pm

In 3NC this week we started our new science topic- plants. We decided to investigate whether radish seeds will grow better in compost or sand. To make it a fair test we have been making sure they receive the same amount of water and sunlight. I'm excited to find out what happens!🌱

Have a look at to find out what the different parts of a plant do. We will be looking at celery next week.

We have also been learning about the 7 life processes common to all living things. Can you remember MRS NERG? Have a look at: Then you could write an acrostic poem to help you to remember MRS NERG.👵

Miss Cunningham😀

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MAIMOONA :) wrote:

I am looking forward for the Radishis.

ronnie leigh wrote:

i can not wait for the radishis to grow

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good learing wrote:

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ronnie leigh wrote:

i think the plant in the sand will die i think the plant in the soil will grow

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