Date: 8th May 2017 @ 10:30am

The three bears came to visit Nursery this week!

We have been reading 'Goldilocks and the Three Bears' during literacy. Nursery are brilliant at re-telling the story, using actions whilst they speak! We made porridge for the three bears, and tried it to see which one we liked best! Daddy bears porridge was too hot for us to try! Mummy bears porridge was too cold, but Baby bears was just right! We enjoying putting fruit and honey into our porridge to make it sweet. 

Nursery have enjoyed role playing in the three bears cottage. We made lots of porridge for the bears and enjoyed feeding it to them. Nursery acted out the story using the role play characters. We also practiced measuring tea for the three bears in the water area, to make sure we had just the right amount! Lots of children were able to re-tell the story with their friends, using our small world Goldilocks box.

Below we have pictures of Nursery role-playing in the bears cottage, and some of the work we have done on our topic. 

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