Is it real? Yes, it is real

Date: 30th Oct 2017 @ 7:36pm

"That was great" "Is it real?" "It's a crocodile" "I'm scared" "I'm not scared" 

These are just some of the comments from the children today after they held, touched and looked at some amazing reptiles, animals and insects brought in by the Wriggly Roadshow.

We learnt lots of new information about the reptiles whilst experiencing something new. Something we didn't know before today was that the tenrec (looks like a hedgehog) is actually closely related to an elephant. Frogs use their eyes to push food down their throat, who knew that? 

Truly an amazing day. Even the adults got involved and had a hold of the snake, Miss Hay made sure Mrs Mayoh had hold of the head 👍

Please take a look at just a small number of the amazing pictures.

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