Making ice-cream in science!

Date: 3rd Feb 2017 @ 5:58pm

Hello everyone,

This week in science, children made ice-cream by pouring sweetened and flavoured milk into a small bag.  This bag then went into a larger bag which contained ice cubes and salt.  Children then massaged the ice and salt mixture around the milk mixture for about ten minutes until it turned into a solid.  Children then reflected on how the liquid turned into a solid by cooling using the correct scientific vocabulary.

Can anyone work out why we added salt to the ice in our investigation?


Mr Tait, Miss Rook


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taiba malik wrote:

I love ,making ice cream

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Mr Tait wrote:

I'm really glad you enjoyed making ice-cream! Can you describe how the liquid mixture turned into a solid?

Mr Tait

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Maryam wrote:

The icecream was yummy

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Abdullah wrote:

it was so hard

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Laebah wrote:

One day can we make real ice cream

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