Our Learning challenge 'What do you like about the 'Sunflowers' by van Gogh?

Date: 9th Apr 2015 @ 12:12pm

It is an Art focus unit so there will be lots of opportunities to sketch, draw, paint and make collages based around the children’s' ideas on this particular piece of Art work. Do you know anything about the artist Van Gogh? See what you can find out by looking using a 'safe' search on the internet or visit the local library.


Our science challenge this term is called 'Can we grow our own food?'

The children will growing, observing changes, investigating best growing conditions and learning lots of new vocabulary related to plants and germination. What do you already know? What information could you share with the class? Let us know when we do our prior learning challenge!

This term we will also be continuing to develop our Phonic skills in preparation for Phonic screening later in the Summer term. We will be running a workshop to explain more of how you can work together to encode and decode 'Real and alien words'.


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