Richard III

Date: 26th Jan 2017 @ 4:31pm

This term, we have been studying Shakespeare's "Richard III". We have been really enjoying this story, and can't believe the nasty things Richard has been doing! Last Friday, we wrote some amazing character descriptions of Richard. Here are a few examples of our amazing work:

Richard brutally and disgustingly murdered his brother (George) in a barrel of wine...he will destroy his brothers' lives. - Kamran

Richard is a terrible person....if you went near him he would kill you with his daggers' points, as sharp as tigers' teeth. - Ahmed

Knowledgeable, wise and cunning Richard sneakily killed Lady Ann's husband...Richard's enemies' deaths were in his hands. - Juwairia

Richard loves crushing people into little pieces and squishing their warm blood through his greasy fingers. - Haadiyah


Today, we did some freeze frames for a dramatic part of the story. Richard's servant, Tyrell, was sent to kill the King's nephews, but he felt conflicted about doing it. We did some excellent drama, using fantastic body language and expression in our voices to show how Tyrell and the Princes felt.

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Alisha wrote:

Richards' daggers' points are sharp tiger claws

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Alisha wrote:

Ahmed your lines like mine almost

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