Spring 1

Date: 8th Jan 2015 @ 1:51pm

Learning Challenge

The learning challenge this half term is 'Why were Christopher Columbus and Neil Armstrong brave people.?' This is a geography topic and we will be exploring where Columbus sailed and what he discovered. Also we will be looking at a time line and deciding where Columbus and Armstrong fit. We will have a look at outer space and     study the planets and solar system.

Science - Health and Growth

This half term in Science we will be studying how we grow and stay healthy. We will be looking at healthy foods and exercise. Also we will think about hygiene, for example why it is important to wash your hands.

Religious Education 

In RE we will be finding out why Christians go to church and why it is a special place. We will also be looking at which other places are special to us and why such as the mosque or the temple

other places are special to us such as the mosque or temple.

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