Our bear topic

Date: 29th Jan 2017 @ 8:28pm

This half term we are learning about bears! Nursery have been reading We're going on a bear hunt and have been learning how to re-tell the story to our friends.

Nursery discovered that bears like to eat honey! We explored the texture and taste of honey (we even wrote our names in it!) and decided to place honey around our playground, to see if we could entice bears into the classroom. We couldn't believe it when 3 special bears arrived at Nursery the next day! Unfortunately we found that the bears had made a huge mess in the classroom! The children have taken turns to show our new bears how to take part in the different activities in Nursery. We have drawn and painted pictures of the bears, and have made caves inside and outside the classroom for them to stay in. Our class have also sang nursery rhymes to the bears, and have read them stories! We love our new visitors! 


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