Summer 1

Date: 9th Apr 2015 @ 5:42pm

Learning Challenge

Our learning challenge question is 'Why did the Titanic sink?' We will look at the history of the Titanic and the way of life at those times. We will explore the class system and research the class system at this time.

For homework see how many facts you can find out about the Titanic. Look at this website which is a survivor's story.



In Science we will be studying animals and looking at their habitats, or where the live. We will also remind ourselves about life cycles and will hopefully be able to see some real live chicks hatch at school!

Try bbc bitesize science to find out more about animals.


We  will be having One Goal and will be doing games outside which will be very exciting! 

Please remember to bring your PE kit into school on Monday. You will need a t-shirt, leggings or shorts and trainers which need to be kept in school until half term.


As well as reading your reading books remember it is very important to read lots of different books such as library books, stories, information books, newspapers and comics. 

It would be a good idea to get some information books about local animals in the environment. You could bring these into school and show them to the other children.

I hope everyone has a good Easter Break!

Mrs Halim


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