The Red Prince

Date: 1st Mar 2017 @ 6:55pm

As part of World Book Day, Crumpsall Lane have been reading the story 'The Red Prince' by Charlie Roscoe. 

3L chose to respond to this story by writing a rap. In groups we thought of some rhyming words and then created verses of a rap to retell the story of the Red Prince.

This is what we came up with...

I'm a little red prince

here to say hey

I'll tell you a story

how they took me away.


The sails, wailed through the wind

and the strangers came as the storm rolled in.


The strangers were dangerous

because they had guns

to hurt your lungs

and they'd eat all the buns


The strangers were dangerous

’cause they had guns

To scare your souls

And to hurt your lungs


They locked me in prison

and I can't get out

it has big chisels

and I'm gonna shout!


I saw my chance

The guards were sleeping

I crept through the gates

Quietly creeping.


I ran down the stairs

as fast as I could

out of the doors

and into the woods.


I'm a little red prince

stranded in the park

My heart is cold

and so is the dark.


Avala is in danger

and so is my Ma

I'll help my people

even if I'm far.


I'm a little red prince, I was in the snow

woah ohh, so cold

I winced in pain, when on a train

oh no, too slow.


Then I saw something with my eyes

What I saw, was a surprise


All the people, were dressed in red

it filled the strangers, with so much dread.


The strangers bailed

on the sails

Red confused them

the people refused them.


The massive, black ships sailed away

Never to be seen any day.


They will never return

’cause they will learn

Never ever since

Have they messed with the Little Red Prince!

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