The Red Prince - Part 1!

Date: 6th Mar 2017 @ 11:56am

For World Book Day, Mrs Williams had the idea that the whole school should look at the same book. We all looked at The Red Prince, a lovely picture book with a really interesting story. Every class in the school did something different in relation to the text. 

In 4C, I bet you can guess what we chose- DRAMA!

First, we read the story together and decided that we wanted to retell the story in our own way. Each group of 4 children took a different scene from the book. Together, they wrote stage directions and speech in a playscript style. Then, we got to rehearse and film our scenes. 

Our scenes are uploaded below, in chronological order. Can you follow the story and work out what's happening?

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Amy wrote:

THAT WAS A MASSIVE SCARE FOR ME!!!!(I did not know how everybody managed but we definitely worked hard and I still am proud of my group)👌🏻🙂

Miss Rook wrote:

You were really good, Amy! It's great to see you trying things that you found scary before :)

haadiyah wrote:

its sweet that you believe in your team amy!

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