Titanic Presentation

Date: 2nd May 2015 @ 3:33pm

Our learning challenge question this half term is 'Why did the Titanic sink?'

We were very lucky that some year six boys came to our class to give us a presentation on the TItanic.

Kane was especially knowledgable and knew lots of facts about the disaster.

He told us about the lack of lifeboats and how the first class passengers were the first to get on them while

the second and third class passengers had little chance of survival.

Kane also showed us his fantastic wooden and Lego models of the Titanic and his artistic drawings of the

magnificent ship.

The boys then shared some more facts about the Titanic and how many people were drowned.

They said there would be a competition for the best drawing of the Titanic in year 2.

They are going to come back in a couple of weeks to judge.

We learnt a lot of information about the Titanic from these knowledgable year six boys so thank you!

Mrs Halim

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