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The purpose of homework activities at Crumpsall Lane Primary is to actively involve parents as partners in their children’s education. Supporting children’s learning by listening and encouraging them to talk about their school day reinforces the teaching that goes on in school time.

• We expect all children, from Reception to Y6, to read a little, often i.e. every evening, either aloud to an adult, or privately. (This obviously depends on the age and ability of the children concerned.)  Parents will be provided with a sample of questions to ask their children about fiction and non-fiction tests and some suggested independent reading activities.

• Upper KS2 children have a homework diary to support home learning activities. In the front of the journal are suggested tasks that the children can choose from.

• Children know that there are lists of words that they are expected to be able to read, write and spell correctly. They take home activities related to these word lists as appropriate to their age and ability.

 • We expect families to reinforce number bonds and multiplication tables, and involve their children in practical maths learning (time, money, shape, measures etc) as appropriate. Each week children will be expected to practise their “Learn Its”, do a weekly skills test and a minimum of 2 Mathletics tasks.  Pupils will be asked to undertake investigation and problem solving tasks: 2 per half term in KS2 and 1 in KS1.

• Other curriculum related tasks may be set by different staff at different times

depending on the needs of the individual or to support current class topics.

• Each half term staff will send home new research tasks to inform families of the enquiry that their children will be covering over the half term. With this information families can further support our work in school by doing all the things we can’t fit in. For example visiting places of interest linked to the area of study, internet research,

library visits, museum and art gallery visits etc. Children have a research log to

complete further research about their current project at home.  Details of the projects can also be found on class blogs.



At Crumpsall Lane Primary we do not set regular photocopied sheets of calculations, spellings or grammar tasks as of old because this does not fit with our philosophy. We recognise that children need time to do the wealth of other activities that make them rounded individuals like sports and creative activities, visiting family and friends, playing, attending uniformed organisations, religious activities and, most importantly, relaxing. We ask that parents see homework tasks in the context of wider family life and support their children in all their learning experiences.   Homework clubs are open to KS2 pupils to attend after school.


In conclusion the best way that parents and carers can support their child’s development and learning is by spending time talking to them and giving them their full attention.  Ten minutes of quality time in a day can make a huge difference.

At Crumpsall Lane Primary School we've been thinking about the language we use to help our pupils learn, and we thought it would be great to share this here so parents and carers can use the same language when working with your sons and/or daughters at home. 

Firstly, let's think about the questions we might ask pupils...

The picture below is of the Question Mountain, which we developed at CLPS to help our teaching staff ask high-level open questions more frequently when teaching. High-level open questions can be formed using the question stems at the upper levels of the mountain, and challenge our pupils to think harder about their responses. We also learn more about pupils’ understanding when we ask high-level open questions which helps direct future teaching.

We have also talked to our pupils about having 'a wobble moment'. This might happen when we are learning a new concept which we are finding tricky and haven't quite 'got it' yet. We want our pupils to know that it's okay to wobble and tell us when they are, that way we can help them to help themselves through their wobble. The teachers at CLPS certainly have wobble moments themselves sometimes :) 

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