Comenius Project - Turkey Day 4 and Day 5

Lesson: Understanding the World

Class: 5L Year: 2014 - 2015

Thursday 23.04.15
Sightseeing ->Bursa Historical Bazzar and Khans, Gölyazı and Dervish show in Karabash-i Veli.

"We had some stretchy ice-cream! It was nice and funny because that man kept tricking us!"

"We watched a Turkish puppet show and we bought a puppet for school too! Mr Tait and Miss Chan asked us to solve a money problem...we had to pay in Turkish Lira!"

"Oh...and then Mrs Martin asked us to convert it back to British pounds so we know how much it costed! That was a bit tricky but we did it!"

"I thought the lake was beauitful. It was very quiet and peaceful there."

"I enjoyed watching the Dervish dance, it was lovely and touching."

"I thought the dance was amazing!"


Friday 24.04.15
The Festival of Children 

"WOW!! All the children in school dressed up in different traditional Turkish clothes!"

"I thought the younger children were very brave."

"We performed our poem on the big stage, it was a bit scary but we did it!"

"I think it'll be nice if our school can do something like that too! A big show for the our mummys and daddys!"


Saturday 25.04.15
Time to say goodbye

"I'm going to miss Turkey."

"I really liked this trip!"

We would like to say a big thank you to Rustem and the Turkish partners for the hospitality, warm welcoming and cutltural events. Our trip to Bursa was delightful and I am sure the children have gained alot from this trip and will remember it for years to come.

We would also like to thank all the teachers and children from Poland, Italy and Greece for making this trip extra special and enjoyable.

We hope to repeat this experience again but for now ...goodbye ~ güle güle ~ do widzenia ~ arrivederci ~ αντίο


Miss Chan, Mr Tait and Mrs Martin

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